Katy Perry - Indoctrination of the Youth to the Coming Great Deception

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by L.A. Marzulli


[H]ere’s the review of this video in a nut shell – ET. indoctrination! The video opens with Kanye West, who is rapping some vulgar, base, gutter-mouth, nonsense and is a graphic illustration of how our culture, or lack of it, has slipped in to the abyss of absurdity.

We can hide from this video and pretend that it hasn’t been watched by over 12 million people, or we can watch it, and afterward pray. Pray for our kids & grandkids, that they wouldn’t be poisoned by this garbage. Pray for this nation that spews this trash out like there’s no tomorrow. Pray that people’s eyes would be opened to what is coming, ET, and the Great Deception.

This video blurs the lines of what is human and it does so deliberately. There is a shot where Perry’s eyes turn reptilian, that’s deliberate. Then there’s the lyric, ready for abduction, which again is deliberate.

Warning: Graphic Lyrics and Sleazy Video!

Katy Perry Sold Her Soul To the Devil

Do we really think this is just good fun, kids being kids? When we first hear Perry, her character is spinning through space and it is ET, then ET, while singing the words to the song, morphs into Katy’s character, which in nothing more than transhumanism…. where’s Tom Horn when you need him? [watch the Transhumanism Seminar here].

Katy Perry ETShe then falls to earth, where it is apparent that something cataclysmic has happened, as the scene is a wasteland. She awakens a life-form that is being protected with a robotic suit. Then we hear from West, who spews his vulgarity and explicitly sexual language that makes one wonder, if he’s possessed. The images that flash by are deliberate. We see mating animals, a bowl of cherries, a baby being born, monkeys mating. This goes by very fast and in order to see it I had to stop the video. Finally Perry kisses this humanoid and awakens it. In the final scene we see who Perry’s character really is, something out of Greek mythos, a faun, a centaur like creature. They hold hands and look into the sunrise, it’s a brave new world. There is a date that shown on a glass case displaying a now extinct pigeon, it’s 2030.

In closing today’s post: In my opinion we are being set up to accept transhumanism, ET, and the so-called extraterrestrial presence. It’s everywhere and as the planet continues to spin out of control – there was another 7.1 earthquake over the weekend – people are becoming desperate to find a solution to the problems that are facing us. I believe ET will come bearing gifts, like a source of free energy, and a chip that extends our life-span, disease free, for over 500 years. Just like Avatar, and District 9, this video blurs the line of what it means to be human. The lyrics to the song are correct in that they tell us that these creatures are: from a whole different dimension.That dimension, in my opinion, is the second heaven and it is the realm of the fallen one and his demons…. Welcome to the Great Deception.

Fox News: Katy Perry: "Strict Christian Upbringing Kept Me From Having a Childhood"

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Promotion of the Luciferic Hybridization Agenda

by Michael W. Kelley, June 7, 2011

The video below is very well-made and shows how movies like City of Angels, Katy Perry's "ET" song, Lady Gaga, "Splice," and a sickening video airing on Nickelodeon to children 5-12 years old promoting bestiality (Jasher 4:18), as well as the Novel "City of Fallen Angels."  In every case, God's Law forbidding relationship between humans and angels is made to seem "unfair," and at one point in "City of Angels," Meg Ryan's character throws a jab at God, saying, "I don't understand a God who would let us meet if there's no way we could ever be together."

Satan is covering his Agenda to look innocent to the eyes of the world, but it has never been innocent.  The women during the days of Noah and afterward were victimized greatly by the intrusion of the fallen angels and people today continue to be victimized by the Hybridization Program.

The Hybridization Program - Dr. David Jacobs

"[Y]e have left the high, holy, and eternal heaven, and have lain with women...and begotten giants as your sons.... But you were formerly spiritual, living the eternal life, and immortal for all generations of the world. And therefore I have not appointed wives for you; for as for the spiritual ones of the heaven, in heaven is their dwelling." --Enoch 15:3; 6-7

The conditioning by the forces of darkness is coming in many forms, from books and movies to music; however, I have come across a commercial for Lynx Excite that is currently being aired in Europe that is blatant deception.  The commercial can be viewed below and is much like the movie "City of Angels."

It begins with these female angels falling from heaven as if they had been forcefully kicked out.  Everyone is staring at the spectacle and people everywhere are stopping in their tracks looking at the scantily-clad "lady-angels."  The end shows them walking up to a young man who has used Lynx Excite and one by one they each smash their halos at the guy's feet.

In "City of Angels" we heard Meg Ryan's character say that she couldn't understand a God who would let the two of them meet if they couldn't be together.  We are seeing so much in the realm of entertainment in today's world that creates a sympathy for fallen angels, and God is looked at as a "cosmic-meany."

Notice how, in the commercial, it is the second one to fall that smashes her halo first, and the first one to fall smashed hers second. This is similar to the accounts found in the book of Enoch as well as other texts, that Semyaza, first lead the two hundred Watchers down to Mt. Hermon, all swearing an oath, binding themselves by mutual imprecations (Enoch 6:3-8).  Genesis 3:15, and the "seed of the serpent" implies that Lucifer will do so next.

Also, it takes a quick eye and some pausing, but it shows 7 angels falling, and as they are walking up to the guy at the end, at one point, it shows them all, and there are indeed 7.  Though there is a difference between fallen angels (who appear to have bodies) and demons (who seem to be disembodied spirits seeking embodiment), for many years, the two terms have become synonymous.  With this in mind, take into account the words of our Lord, Yeshua, who said:

"Now when the unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, and does not find it.  Then it says, 'I will return to my house from which I came'; and when it comes, it finds it unoccupied, swept, and put in order.  Then it goes and takes along with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first.  That is the way it will be with this evil generation" (Matthew 12:43-45).

Could this commercial be indoctrinating people to accept the fallen angels when they make their reappearance upon the world stage?  The last kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar's dream is at hand and there will the last mingling with the seed of men (hybridization agenda) is worse than the first (Daniel 2:43), but this commercial makes it out to be a good thing.  The viewer is put into a sense of "victory" as the angels smash their halos at the guy's feet, siding with them and, in turn, against the Lord, who laughs at the vain attempts of the forces of darkness (Psalm 2:1-4).





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